• 12-03-09 How to get the Hero related Epic quest?

    Enter the Tavern to Make friends with Hero, choose the right hero, then the Quest button will turn green. Player is able to increase the fidelity of this hero by doing the quest.

  • 12-03-09 Why did my Epic quest disappear?

     If this Hero has joined your force, you can find his exclusive quest in the Hero quest, then the related Epic quest disappear.

  • 12-03-09 Why did my random quest updated disappear today?

    You have to accomplish the quest in the same day. Or the quest will be erased by the system when the deadline passed.

  • 12-03-09 What is coin? How to get and use it?

    Coin is the currency between Yuanbao and gold, and it is universal equivalent in the game. You can receive random quest in the tavern, and obtain coins as reward after finishing it. The coins used in black-market merchandiser of the tavern can purchase all kinds of items (items are refreshed at random) 

  • 12-03-09 What is Yuanbao and gold? What they are used for? How to get them?

    Yuanbao and Gold are used to buy items, such as acceleration, achievement medal and so on. Player can get it by recharge.

  • 12-03-09 How to have more heroes?

    With one level up of hero lounge, the hero cap number will be increased by one.  

  • 12-03-09 How is the level of land outside city changed?

    The land occupied outside city will be one level down every 24 hours automatically; land not occupied, its level will be changed at random. Level of land with no population will be adjusted automatically according to player’s level in this area. Up and down of level in one area will be in balance.

  • 12-03-09 How to obtain jewelry like pearl and amber?

    Player can have a chance to obtain all kinds of jewelry by dispatching garrison to collect it in the wildness. Pearl and coral are mostly from lake, Liuli and jade are mostly from desert, amber is mostly from forest, crystal and agate are mostly from mountain and emerald is mostly from swamp. Player can also obtain it by purchasing from item mall.

  • 12-03-09 How to increase construction queue?

    In initial, player has 2 construction queues automatically. By using "corvee order", construction queue will be increased to 5.

  • 12-03-09 How to increase resource field outside city?

    With one level up of government, three resource fields outside city will be increased  

  • 12-03-09 How to obtain more resources, gold and population?

    By following methods, you can obtain more resources, gold and population: upgrade fields outside city and cottages in the city or build more cottages; increase population cap to attract more population, or raise tax to increase gold output; build more barracks, and produce soldiers to speed up the pace of dispatching troops. At the meantime, with higher position, player can rule more cities. With more cities, relevant resources and gold tax will be increased; and with the increase of barracks, more troops can be recruited. 

  • 12-03-09 How can a lord change his name?

    First of all, player should buy “name card” in the mall, and then enter lord interface to change it by clicking button “lord” beside lord icon.

  • 12-03-09 Except newbie protection period, what gift will newbie get?

    When first entering the game, newbie will get a gift set worth of 500 Yuanbao and an upgraded gift set worth of 500 Yuanbao free of charge.

  • 12-03-09 How long will the newbie protection period last?

    Currently, the newbie protection period will last for 7 days, after playing 7 days, player’s city will be automatically off newbie protection period. But if player upgrades his department above level 5 (including level 5) within 7 days, his city will also be off the newbie protection period.  

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