• 12-03-09 How to receive the random quest? When to be refreshed? What if the quest is not accomplished?

    Player can retrieve the random quest in the Tavern of the city. The system generates 10 quests each day 5 AM, and 1 quest every 2 hours. It will be automatically updated if your quest place is available. If the Tavern is already filled with 10 quests, no action will be taken. Any quest updated must be done within that day, otherwise the system will delete it when the quest expires. Each player can receive 10 quests at max. It will be displayed in Quest channel.

  • 12-03-09 How to get the Hero related Epic quest?

    Enter the Tavern to Make friends with Hero, choose the right hero, then the Quest button will turn green. Player is able to increase the fidelity of this hero by doing the quest.

  • 12-03-09 Why did my Epic quest disappear?

     If this Hero has joined your force, you can find his exclusive quest in the Hero quest, then the related Epic quest disappear.

  • 12-03-09 Why did my random quest updated disappear today?

    You have to accomplish the quest in the same day. Or the quest will be erased by the system when the deadline passed.

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