introduce of forge system

1 get the free forge system start pack from item mall and then you will get a forge in your inventory(tab 'product')
2 put obtained armor shard into forge list of standard armor shards
3 put obtained materials to improve power/attributes of crafted armor overview of all materials(runes, metal/ores)
learn more about runewords
learn more about metal/ore attributes
4 click forge to start forging, and you will get the crafted armor. (example) overview of all armor models
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standard armor shard

itempowermetal slotsrune slotssourcepatch
2000 2 5 event, item mall 1.01
2500 3 5 event, item mall 1.01
3000 4 5 event, limited item 1.02
2000 2 5 event, item mall 1.01
2500 3 5 event, item mall 1.01
3000 4 5 event, contest reward 1.02
3500 4 5 event exchange, item mall 1.02
3500 4 5 event exchange, item mall 1.02
3500 4 5 event exchange, item mall 1.02
3500 4 5 event exchange, item mall 1.02
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forge materials

runes can change power quotienty of crafted armors, e.g. power of a red oriented crafted armor mostly goes to bravery. specific combinations of runes could become runewords.

metal/ores can provide extra power value to crafted armors. metal/ores randomly provide armor attributes as well.
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1. same runeword could appear only once in each crafted armor, e.g. queue [TU][TU][TU][TU] contains only 1 runeword [TU][TU].
2. runewords could begin from arbitrary position, e.g. runeword [TU][TU] in queue [MU][TU][TU] begins from position 2.
3. rune could be part of different runewords simultaneously, e.g. [JIN][JIN][REN] contains 2 runewords [JIN][JIN] and [JIN][REN]
4. attribute: luck, e.g. +20 luck means +20% change of getting item while gathering
rune queuewordeffectspatch/event
[TU][TU] INT+4,PLT+3 1.01
[MU][MU] PLT+8 1.01
[SHUI][SHUI] INT+6 1.01
[HUO][HUO] BRV+4 1.01
[JIN][JIN] MNV+5 1.01
[TU][SHUI][MU] POWER+500,POWER+3% 1.01
[JIN][REN] LUCK+20 1.01
[XIN][YI] POWER+3%,MNV+4,PLT+5 1.01
[ZHI][ZHI] POWER+3%,INT+9 1.01
[REN][LIE] POWER+3%,BRV+4,INT+3 1.01
[GEN][MU] POWER+5%,PLT+12 1.01
[KAN][SHUI] POWER+5%,INT+5,PLT+5 1.01
[DUI][HUO] POWER+5%,BRV+6 1.01
[JIN][MU][SHUI][HUO][TU] POWER+1000,POWER+5% 1.01
[XUN][XUN] POWER+10%,SPD+15 1.01
[LI][GEN] POWER+10%,INT+10,PLT+20 1.01
[ZHEN][KAN] POWER+10%,INT+15,DEF+50 1.01
[KUN][TU][MU] POWER+15%,BRV+20,OFE+50,DEF+40 1.01
[QIAN][SHUI][HUO] POWER+15%,MNV+25,BRV+10,OFE+20 1.01
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metal/ore attributes

attributeeffectrelated itemspatch/event
[sharp] BRV+4 patch 1.0
[lightweight] POWER+5% patch 1.0
[shinning] INT+3,PLT+5 patch 1.0
[stable] DEF+20,DURATION+50 patch 1.0
[enchanted] POWER+500 patch 1.0
[balanced] POWER+3%,MNV+2,BRV+2,INT+2,PLT+2 patch 1.0
[brilliant] POWER+2%,MNV+5,PLT+5 patch 1.0
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armor model: Ring

modelbasic namearmor quality
rough ring normal
compact ring normal
thick ring high quality
gilded ring high quality
jeweled ring high quality
ornate ring high quality
royal band high quality
jade ring epic
bone band epic
cloud signet legendary
rage signet legendary
dragon finger artifact
master band artifact

armor model: Necklace

modelbasic namearmor quality
shell necklace normal
lei normal
stone necklace high quality
jeweled necklace high quality
copper mirror high quality
sapphire amulet high quality
ornate necklet high quality
runed amulet epic
emerald amulet epic
jade star legendary
twin dragons legendary
highlord's necklet artifact
mountain heart artifact
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