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Once upon a time in ancient China, as the Han empire disintegrated into civil war, this mysterious oriental land was divided into three kingdoms - Wei, Shu, and Wu. Each dominated by a gallant king whose ambition was one and the same: beat their neighbors, unify the empire. They all had their chances as each gathered around them a group of the most valiant heroes and the brightest counsellors, yet they all had a long way to go. There're stories inside stories and bloody conspiracies beyond your imagination.

It's the best of times, it's the worst of times. Dive into this historical period, experience the triumphs and glories of soaring battles and fierce wars, taste the bitter sweetness of power and trickery. Put your wisdom, skills, and talent to the test, to the battle, to the war!

Players will choose among different character classes, build your own territory, and venture from the safety of your own land to the treacherous battlefields. In the end, it's you aganist them - the three Kings. See if you can change the history. Let the adventure begin!

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