patchrelease datefeatures
1.01 server opening event 2017/09/16 18:00

- Special event items

- Resetting limited item endless jewel box

- Resetting limited item prize of devotion

- Resetting limited item lucky horseshoe

- Resetting limited item time box

- Patch related items in rebate price

- 1st lucky contest with different rewards

- Opening exchange task group event market

- Free event start box in item mall

1.0 server opening 2017/09/16 18:00

- PvP server(same as world 01)

- Standalone server provides improved system consistency and game performance

- Automatical program against multi-accounting/account-sitting in game

- Stats (hard) cap for hero which limits stats of hero to fix maximal value

- Rebalancing armor(regular and arena sets)/weapon/pet stats

- Integrating fengshui/gathering system

- Integrating vip system

- Integrating daily ticket/exchange system

- Integrating event market system

- Integrating limited item system, all items are reset

- Integrating and re-designing pet system (available in later patch)

- Integrating and re-designing power-up system (available in later patch)

- Integrating and re-designing forge system (available in later patch)

- Simultaneously started server opening event

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